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Five careers from the future

We might not be quite on the brink of flying cars and teleportation, but future technology does mean brand new career options for you. Get ahead of the competition, and see what your options might include in years to come.


Driverless car engineer

At the moment, we’ve got self-parking cars, but driverless cars are coming… someday. It’s likely they’ll hit places like airports first,  ferrying people around an enclosed and defined piece of land, before you see them heading down the M1 (experts predict this won’t be for another 10 years or so). That gradual progression from fully human controlled to fully automated means that this is a career that will change over time. And as for where to look, most car manufacturers now have a driverless car division, and Google and Uber are also leading the way with this technology. See if you have what it takes to make the moral decisions related to machine intelligence, with the Moral Machine.


Cryptocurrency developer

Offering a cashless digital-only currency, no one can say for sure what the future of cryptocurrency will be.  But with a slowly increasing number of shops accepting Bitcoin and massive financial institutions investing in it, it does look like its influence is growing. And that means a whole host of new jobs, from data scientists to developers. The good news is that crypto is at such an early stage that companies don’t expect you to be an expert when you join, and are happy to train you on the job. But if you do fancy learning more about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the meantime, The Crypto University hosts loads of free courses for you to try.


Sustainability inventor

We’ve seen climate change become an increasingly important topic over the past few years, and while we should all be doing our bit, the real change is likely to come from the scientists and engineers inventing new technologies to help us do things in a new way, and deal with the waste we produce. Sustainability jobs will be everywhere – from large companies that want to make products in a more environmentally friendly way, to small start-ups inventing solutions to things like single-use plastic. Check out one of Google’s big sustainability projects, Google Earth Timelapse, where they take the footage shot over years for Google Earth, and use it to show the effect we’re having on the planet. Take a job in sustainability and you’ll be truly improving the world for generations to come.


Robotics engineer

Robots are already used extensively in the industrial world, completing the boring and repetitive jobs in a production line. But if that doesn’t set your world alight, how about designing a prosthetic limb that reacts to the wearer’s thoughts, or a landmine detection robot that has the potential to save the lives of thousands of civilians? Car company, Honda, has been pioneering the field with their robot Asima, which they hope to unleash on the world in around 2030.  They demonstrate that the sky really is the limit with a robotics career; and that as the technology becomes more sophisticated, the scope of what you can build becomes ever more impressive.


Artificial Intelligence developer

There are already 50 University degrees that combine computer science with Artificial Intelligence (AI), teaching students with a love of maths and coding how to use technology to mimic human intelligence. AI is set to change the career prospects of people around the world, with fewer analytic and repetitive roles being performed by humans, as computers take over. A career in AI means you can shape what this looks like, finding the perfect mix of computing power and human skill to make the world a more efficient place.


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