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Get a hit of inspiration straight from the women who have been there and done that. Here’s a collection of podcasts, talks and videos that will fill you with motivation to take the STEM world by storm.

Watch: A young scientist’s quest for clean water

At 14, Deepika Kurup decided she wanted to solve the global water crisis after she saw children drinking dirty water where she lived in India. She started in her family’s kitchen, and wound up winning a major science prize. Here, the inspirational teenage scientist explains what happened in between!

Listen to: Beyond the Microscope

The Beyond The Microscope podcast is devoted to women in STEM, who join the hosts to discuss the latest research and innovations, as well as a wide range of STEM careers. The whole archive is worth listening to, but particular highlights are (Broad) Band of Sisters, about women who have shaped the internet, and Swimming With Sharks, where we learn about what it takes to be a shark researcher.

Read about: Jess Wade, Wikipedia’s champion of female scientists

Jess Wade is on a mission to increase the number of female scientists written about on Wikipedia, giving them each the recognition they deserve. And she’s not stopping at Wikipedia – you’ll find her giving talks at schools, as well as ensuring that women are nominated for some of the biggest science prizes around.

Watch: A teen scientist’s invention to help wounds heal

Anushka Naiknaware became the youngest ever winner of Google’s Science Fair, when she designed a sensor to track the healing of wounds. Learn directly from Anushka how her invention works, and how her technology could help heal wounds the world over.

Listen to: Stuff You Missed in History Class, Hedy Lamarr and Wireless Technology

Hedy Lamarr is known as one of 40s Hollywood’s most glamorous actresses. But she had another string to her bow: inventor, which she practised even while hanging out in her trailer on set. This podcast delves into that, revealing her role in wartime communications using wireless technology.

Read: Lab Girl, by Hope Jahren

This autobiography chronicles one woman’s love of plants, seeds and soil, and how she turned this into a career in science, claiming her place in this traditionally male-dominated world. It’ll have you reaching for the nearest microscope the minute you finish the book!


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