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Did you know that maths could help you to write a hit single?

Or help you launch your own makeup brand?

Watch as we talk with pioneering women who are using their maths skills to launch unexpected and inspiring careers.

Little Boots

From song-writing to producing, maths plays a big role in creating good music. Brit Award nominee Little Boots invites us in to her East London studio to talk about writing the perfect pop song and why it's a great time to be a female in the music industry.

Florence Adepoju

Florence was able to launch her own makeup brand at just 21 thanks to her degree in cosmetic science. We spoke with her about how she broke the mould to make a living from lipsticks by mixing her love of hip-hop and streetwear with her education.

Mala Lal

Mala has worked on some of Hollywood's most epic blockbusters, using her maths and art skills to create jaw-dropping special effects for the big screen. This is a must watch for anyone who's a fan of design, animation or just binging on Netlfix!

Behind The Scenes

Go behind the scenes of our inspo series to discover more about EQUALS, and to learn about how our films were made with an incredible all-female crew!

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