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So you want to work in fashion?

Are you a maths whizz with dreams of making it to London Fashion Week? Here are five fashion careers where a love of numbers is a must-have accessory.

Retail Buyer

Imagine being able to predict what’s going to be hot in Japan for next year, or being in charge of keeping up with the UK’s demand for tassel earrings. A fashion buyer needs to have the ultimate mix of creativity and business acumen. You might spend some days sourcing the perfect purple fabric, but you’ll spend others poring over spreadsheets to work out how to make a profit when you sell it as a handbag.

Check out: BA (Hons) Fashion Buying and Merchandising, London College of Fashion

Research and Development

Fancy being right at the cutting edge of fashion? There’s no better job than in research and development. Whether you’re inventing a new sustainable fabric, or designing software to help people find clothes that fit when shopping online, this is your chance to have a hand in the direction that fashion is heading.

Check out: BA Fashion Technology, University of Leeds

CAD designer

Computer Aided Design (CAD) has revolutionised the fashion industry, allowing designers to visualise how their clothes will look on a computer-based 3D model – all without having to cut any fabric. It’s proved to be particularly useful for sports shoe and jewellery design, but pretty much any fashion course will now make use of CAD, as well as 3D body scanners, laser cutting and other top tech.

Check out: BA (Hons) Fashion Design & Technology, Manchester Fashion Institute


OK, so you might be sick of people suggesting accountancy when they hear you’re a whizz with a calculator. But it’s worth bearing in mind that almost every company has an accountant (or a whole team of them!) whether that’s at Vogue or Versace. You’ll be surrounded by creative people and working in an industry you love – that’s more than most people will ever do!

Check out: BSc Accounting & Finance, Leeds University

Software Developer

Look on ASOS’ career page right now, and you’ll find more than 30 different jobs for software developers. With the rise of online shopping, there’s huge demand for anyone able to build a website that makes it easy for customers to discover and buy. Working on the web team for a fashion brand will require you to not just build a great shopping experience, but to use your fashion knowledge to make it ever sleeker.

Check out: BSc (Hons) Web Design and Development, University of Central Lancashire

Cosmetic Scientist

Today we’re all a lot more aware of the science behind what we put on our skin, and that’s all thanks to the cosmetic scientists of the world. Tasked with developing new hair products, cosmetics and perfumes, this job combines creativity and chemistry – you’ll spend your days in a lab concocting potions and remedies for our beauty-based woes. Take inspiration from the smaller beauty brands that are rocking it at the moment, and use your creative chemistry to start your very own business.

Check out: BSc Cosmetic Science, University of Sunderland



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